• Licensed Installers

    Licensed Installers
    Your solar system will be installed by QUALIFIED and fully licensed electrical tradesmen. Solar Panel Accredited Design & Installation Lic: A9764309. Electrical Contractors Lic: PGE230918.


About Carbo Solar


Stand alone power generation systems are now affordable. Small systems for a beach shack or similar from $11500.00 inc. GST fully installed

My name is Cameron Theiley and my company name is Carbo Solar Pty Ltd  5 Erin Street Broadview S.A. 5083 Phone 0414834092

I have been in the electrical industry since 1975

We provide our customers with:

  •    Solar Panel System design services
  •    Systems Installations
  •    Electrical Work

With no annoying sales people, we concentrate on providing our customers with high quality systems at competitive prices.

We can provide:

  •     25 year Solar Panel Performance Warranties
  •     5 or 10 year Inverter Warranties
  •     3 Stage Pricing


With electricity prices rising at 10% yearly it is no longer good enough just to reduce your electricity bill by 10,20,30 or even 40%. There is a way out. Battery ready inverters are being installed all around Australia with great success.

A Solax hybrid inverter is able to show you the energy produced by the solar panels and at the same time show what is going back out to the grid and what the house is using. So it’s easy to work out, your out of sun light hours usage of electricity and from that know exactly how much battery storage is required to reduce your electricity bill by 90% or more.

I would recommend a battery ready system ever time now, then 12 months later, look at the option of battery storage. This way there is no big outlay of money but your system is ready to expand when you are.

Battery ready Solax hybrid systems start from as little as $6000.00.

There are several options that we can offer by email but a free home visit is always going to be the best.

If you are price driven only, an all Chinese system is by far the cheapest 5Kw From $4200.00 .


Call me now and start saving Cameron Theiley 0414834092



Electricity prices right across Australia are increasing sharply as power companies struggle to maintain expensive infrastructure and boost shareholder returns. What’s more, our reliance on fossil fuels to produce that electricity means we face a growing chorus of criticism over the impact that coal mining and pollution from power stations is making on our environment. Australia has become the worst greenhouse gas polluter per capita of any country in the world. With the climate crisis looming as the most critical challenge of our time, renewable energy is our chance to be part of the solution.

More Australian households are now taking advantage of government incentives and emerging technology to make the switch to solar power as their main source of electricity. In doing so, they realise more than just the sensible economic, environmental and practical benefits of powering their homes with free energy from the sun. By investing in renewable energy, pioneering Australians are committing to better awareness about climate change, creating jobs and inspiring others to strive for a greener community, helping to preserve the environment for our future. CarboSolar offer reliable, independent advice on all questions relating to renewable energy installation, including solar power, solar hot water, wind power and more. Our main goal is to provide flexible, affordable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our customers, regardless of where they live. And because we combine a straightforward approach with precision installation and support, most of our systems take less than a day to install, and do not require ongoing maintenance.

sliderHybridWe’re looking forward to helping you make the switch.