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Solar Panels FAQ: The Enlightening Truths

Dive into our FAQ section where we tackle your burning questions about solar power. From the nuts and bolts of installation to the sunny details of savings and sustainability, we’ve compiled everything you need to know to illuminate your path to solar energy.

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Are there any incentives for installing solar batteries?

Many regions offer incentives, rebates, or tax credits for installing solar batteries in a renewable energy system. These incentives can significantly reduce the upfront cost and improve the return on investment for solar battery systems.

Can solar panels work on cloudy days?

Absolutely! Think of them as that friend who’s always upbeat, rain or shine. They won’t soak up as much sun as on a clear day, but they’ll still power through, producing some electricity.

How long do solar panels last?

These panels are in it for the long haul. Most have a warranty of 25 years, but don’t be surprised if they stick around, generating power for 30 years or more. Talk about a long-term relationship!

Are solar panels high maintenance?

Not at all. They’re more low-maintenance than a cactus. Just keep them clean and check for any debris or snow blocking their sunbathing. Otherwise, they’re pretty chill.

Will solar panels increase my home’s value?

You bet! Installing solar panels is like giving your home a facelift. It’s more attractive to buyers who love the idea of saving on electricity bills. Cha-ching!

Our Core Values

At Carbo Solar, our commitment to excellence is driven by a set of core values that define who we are and guide every decision we make. These values are the bedrock of our mission to deliver outstanding solar energy solutions to our clients. As we navigate the ever-evolving world of renewable energy, these principles ensure we remain focused on providing not just services but experiences that exceed expectations. Our core values are:

What our happy clients are saying

“Wonderful business to deal with. Reliable, knowledgeable, thorough, and professional.  Cameron came out to see our plan and needs for the house and shed. After a few changes according to power needs, Cameron came out and completed the solar set-up of inverters, batteries and panels.

Cameron has been great to deal with, answering all our questions, and follow-ups for the final set-up. He knows his stuff well.
We have already recommended him to others. And we have booked him for other work.”

Gordon Crighton

“We are very happy with the installation on our family home. Cameron explained things clearly before the job, was very easy to talk to, did a professional job and finished more quickly than I expected. I was also surprised at the minimal disruption to our roof. Will definitely recommend his work.”

Mark Shaw

“Cameron installed our first solar system.I found him to be honest and reliable. He and his team arrived on time and kept me informed during the installation. Very happy with his work and would highly recommend Carbo Solar.”

Michael Mingoia

“We arranged solar install with Cameron on our new build house. He was price competitive, with pricing, safe with 2nd storey access, left us a comprehensive handover pack and was professional overall to deal with.
Thanks Cameron for the install.

Chris Shaw

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Stay informed and ahead of the curve with our Latest News section. Here, we bring you the newest updates, trends, and breakthroughs in the world of solar energy, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips

Trusted Partners

At Carbo Solar, we believe that the strength of our solutions lies not only in our expertise but also in the quality of the relationships we build. Our “Trusted Partners” section is dedicated to showcasing the alliances we’ve forged with industry-leading manufacturers and service providers who share our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation in solar energy. Each partner has been meticulously selected for their reliability, cutting-edge technology, and a shared vision for a greener future.

Together, we’re proud to offer you the best solar solutions, ensuring that every system we install is of the highest quality and designed to exceed your expectations. Meet the esteemed partners who stand with us in our mission to light up the world with renewable energy.

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