Hi my name is Cameron Theiley and my Company name is Carbo Solar.

I have been in business for 35 years. I am an accredited solar designer and accredited solar installer as well as being an A class Electrical contractor.

Most common solar panel installations would now be 5Kw systems that could save you approx. $400.00 off your quarterly electricity bill.

There are lots of Solar panel brands. Most are reasonable quality. They all have similar guarantees , some cost a lot more for very little to no extra benefits.

There are lots of inverters, most have the same efficiency ratings. Lots claim to be German but are built in China.

I could use any brands you request and price the job for you.

Instead I think SMA (built in Germany) often called Sunny Boy 5Kw inverters are in my opinion ,the best quality inverters on the market today. So a 5Kw system using Sunny boy inverter and German solar panels would be the best system you can buy. Quoted price including GST from $6000.00 for most installations.

A 10Kw system would work out a little less than double, approx. $10200.00.

If you would prefer a Chinese system , a 5Kw works out at $4600.00 and a 10Kw at about $9100.00. The Chinese solar panels may have a German name plus the guarantee is the same, there just built in China.

Smaller systems are available

Cameron Theiley

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