FREE No Obligation Site or Home Visit

residentSolar_5With our FREE No Obligation Site or Home Visit you won’t be pestered by annoying salesmen. Upon requesting a quote from Carbo Solar our qualified Solar Panel System Designer will visit to assess your needs. Your needs might be different to those of your neighbour or those down the street. His role is to consider your requirements and the suitability of designing and installing a solar panel system for your home or business.

Not all roofs are the same. An onsite inspection by a qualified designer  will determine the correct location and size of system suitable for your individual needs.

There’s no need to deal with pesky sales person. You talk directly to the designer and the installer so you know the job will be done properly.

Call us today  on 0414 834 092 to book your FREE No Obligation Site or Home Visit. Find out how easy it is to reduce or eliminate those nasty power bills.