Solax Hybrid Inverters

The solar panel inverter is the most important part of your home generation systemSolaX X-Hybrid power system

that is often overlooked. Can your inverter provide for the future, Solax can with full web based monitoring

so you are in control of your home energy needs every step of the way.

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SK-TL3000 / SK-TL3700 / SK-TL5000

Preper for energy inderpendance by using this premium quality hybrid ready grid connect inverter.

This unit gives you the opportunity to monitor property loads over time and evaluate your energy usage patterns.

It can then be simply upgraded later to an energy storage system by adding 1 thru to 4

Solax battery management control units (BMU) plus your battery bank.

Self -Use Hybrid Inverters

SK-SU3000 / SK-SU3700 / SK-SU5000

The SU series of inverters have a (BMU) built in battery charger unit complete with it’s own MPPT.

This unit is also extremely flexible and can have extra (BMU) units added to suit your requirements.


European, American and Japanese made key components.


Highly effective solar power utilisation and long life battery systems with intelligent designed charging modules.

User friendly

Intelligent man-machine interaction mode