Solar Benefits

Benefits of a grid connected solar panel system:

  • Reduced cost of electricity bills
  • Protects your home against rising electricity costs
  • Solar electricity produces no greenhouse gases
  • Excess power to your needs is sold back to the grid
  • Your system can be expanded to suit your growing needs
  • Solar systems add value to your property
  • Free electricity is generated from the sun
  • No on-going running costs
  • 25 year output warranty on panels
  • All systems are clean energy council approved & meet Australian standards


The Clean Energy Council note that one megawatt hour of solar produced energy avoids the production of approximately one ton of carbon dioxide.

Save Money

There are obvious long term financial benefits for installing solar systems. Benefits for installing solar systems, but not limited to this are the contribution to reducing climate change and contributing to the care of our environment.

Any size solar panel system will produce notable savings, however this is proportional. The larger the system the greater the saving.

e.g. a 10kw system will produce ten (10) times the output of a 1 kw system.