Solar Storage

How Solar Storage could work for you?                                                  

Your house could be working a whole lot  smarter.


By converting the sun’s energy in the day time your home can run electrically free most days of the year, but only as little as 20% of this converted sun energy would be used by your home and the other 80%

would be sent back out to the grid at little to no benefit to you . Thats great for the environment but not much good for you financially.

So instead of exporting your excess generated power, store a small amount in battery storage units.

Then supply your home via the stored energy in the batteries at night time or when ever power is required. It’s yours and it’s free to reuse when ever you want.

In some stated of Australia the electrical retailers charge you more for power in the mornings and evenings. No problem just program the storage system to supply power free at these times.

This way you can take control and use up to 90% of you sun generated electricity.

Then there’s inflation this only effects all customers that are buying power.

South Australia has had an inflation rate of 7.5% yearly over the last 10 years. If an average low electricity user buys $500.00 per quarter = $2000.00 per year now 2015.

Over the next 15 years you could be buying $30,000.00 if you do nothing or you could be saving 70 , 80 or 90%




360Storage Save-sun-diagram



A Storage System is made up of the following equipment.

Solar Panels – Generated energy to run your home or store for evening use.

Hybrid Inverter – Positioned in a suitable weatherproof location.

Storage System – Normally located close to the inverter.

Carbo Solar can supply and install a taylor made storage system to suit your needs and budget.