Back Up Solution

 Backup Solution





The Backup solar storage system utilises the latest in solar storage technology that can provide independence against power black outs and energy price rises.

Your home or office will be able to use it’s own generated and stored electricity to maximise savings.

The Back up Solution packages are able to best suit your energy needs for now and the future.

Designed for Australian commercial and domestic markets, flexible enough to expand if and when you may need.

  • Grid connected or stand alone.
  • New systems or retrofit existing installations.
  • Residential single phase or large 3 phase properties.
  • Commercial single phase or large 3 phase properties
  • Load shifting or peak shaving (demand charge management)

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What does the Back-up Solar Storage System comprise?

Hybrid inverter capable to not just supply your home with 240volt power but to charge battery storage modules so you can reuse your own stored energy when you need it most.

Storage can be via Lithium, AGM Lead , Gel Lead, Carbon, the list goes on.

The most common option is Lithium with its long cycle life, greatly reduced size and weight. Making Lithium the obvious choice for most residential homes.




Back-up for Low Energy Users


IM082012_Conext SW with DC breaker highres image

  • Load supply less than 4.0kW
  • Residential solar self consumption applications
  • Residential retrofit of back-up to existing solar
  • Off-grid supply for homes
  • Available with Conext SW2524 or SW4024 models






Back-up Application Image - Residential



Back-up for Higher Energy UsersConext%20XW+%20(1)


  • Demanding loads exceeding 5.0kW
  • Back-up power for homes & businesses
  • Solar self consumption applications
  • Retrofit of back-up to existing solar installations
  • Off-grid supply for homes & businesses
  • Available with Conext XW+7048 or XW+8548 models




Back-up Application Image - Residential XW+



Back-up Solution Features


Energy Security

  • Industrial quality backup power functionality that operates in temperatures up to 70°C.


Intelligent Energy Management

  • Intelligent functionality enables solar prioritisation, load shifting, peak shaving, and assists small generators with heavy loads.


Advanced System Monitoring

  • Comprehensive monitoring system and household monitoring available.


Proven Energy Storage Technology

  • Premium Sealed Lead Acid AGM energy storage technology
  • Market leading value per kWh
  • 3 year limited written product warranty


Perfect to Retrofit Existing Installations

  • Ideal for adding energy storage and backup power to existing properties with solar.



Back-up Solution Partners


In a rapidly evolving solar market where manufacturers and installers come and go, 360Storage needs to be able to count on solid partners to ensure its customers can trust the long term performance and quality of their solar storage investment.


Schnieder Electric with over 178 years of history, and 15+ years experience in the solar industry brings worldwide scale, leading R&D and a solid financial position to ensure it is a partner that will be around for the long term. Schneider Electric brings true bankability and reliability to Solar.


  • 178 years of history
  • Australian support and presence with more than 4,500 employees
  • More than 160 000 employees worldwide in over 100 countries
  • Annual revenues exceeding €25 bn.

Schneider Electric is the world leader in power conversion technologies (UPS and Drives) and from this base that drives their product development in innovative and market leading solar storage technologies.



Narada LogoNarada is a global leader in stored energy applications for renewable energy applications.  Narada produces market leading sealed lead acid and Li ion battery products designed for long life and reliability.  Their world leading R&D and product quality make them ideal for Back-up Solutions.

Carbo Solar has chosen Narada’s REX Battery because its is designed specifically for solar storage applications that experience daily cycling and require long life, fast recharge and excellent value for money.