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 Carbo Solar Storage Systems

Don’t be left behind.

Stand alone power generation is her now and many people are going off grid.  Thats right no more power bills ever.

Small systems start from $11500.00 medium size from $13600.00 Large size (3 bedroom home) from $26000.00 inc. GST

If you pay $1000.00 a Quarter thats $4000.00 per year on your electricity bill, then in 10 years thats $40,000.00 not allowing for inflation.

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Carbo Solar can supply and install a system to meet your needs. Giving you independence from ever rising electricity prices and being versatile enough to even

supply your home at night as well as day.

In some area’s of Australia the electrical retailers are charging out power at higher rates in the morning and evenings when we use the most energy.

The obvious solution solar complete with battery storage allowing you to store your excess electricity and self use in the mornings and evenings to greatly reduce your energy costs.

The storage system can be expanded to suit your energy needs and even supply your home in a black out.

The Lithium battery technology have virtually no maintenance, extremely long life, take up minimal space and could be saving you money for years to come.


Carbo Solar packages include;





What makes up the Carbo Solar system ?



Great quality product with years of trouble free operation.

 These are a few approximate sizes just as a guide.



Carbo Solar is a trained and qualified Dealer of  Storage systems. Please call 0414834092 and we can supply you with all the up to date information relevant to your home.



Carbo Solar features


 Energy management

•  Solar electricity day and night as you need it.

  • Remote WiFi monitoring accessible from anywhere that clearly shows all energy from the grid or to the grid or what the home is using. All for Free!


 Energy Storage technology that is the most up to date cutting edge.

  • Premium LiFePO4 storage technology
  • Superior lifespan of 10 years +
  • 5 year limited written product warranty
  • Attractive design with virtually zero maintenance


The latest design giving flexibility were and when you need it.

  • Solax hybrid battery ready storage capable and in new models there is an option for emergency power in black outs.


Expandable .

  • This system is easily upgraded or expanded to suit any situation or budget.
  • Capable of storing anywhere from 2 – 24kWh of useable power.



Solax hybrid inverters.


SolaX X-Hybrid power system In a rapidly evolving solar market where manufacturers and installers come and go, Carbo solar needs to be able to count on solid partners to ensure its customers can trust the long term performance and quality of their solar storage investment.

A division of the Suntellite Corporation, SolaX Power is a world leader in hybrid inverter technology.  A company lead by innovation that is based on research and development.
SolaX Power is proud to be affiliated with the Zhejiang University, home to the national key silicon material laboratories in China’s Silicon Valley.

SolaX Power’s X-Hybrid has been selected by Carbo Solar for its Adelaide installations owing to its unrivalled flexibility,intelligent energy management, and expandability.  Its pairing with Pylontech’s LiFePO4 storage technology provides what we believe is Australia’s best solution for residential solar storage.


Pylontech Logo

A subsidiary of ZTE, Pylon Technologies is a manufacturer of LiFePO4 storage technologies for renewable energy and telecommunications applications.  Pylon Technologies brings technological advancement, superior lifespan, optimal aesthetics, unrivalled system monitoring and market leading cost benefits .