Accredited Dealer

Carbo Solar Accredited in installation design and battery storage systems.




Carbo Solar Pty Ltd Storage Accredited Dealers are solar storage professionals with experience, training and product knowledge.

A solar storage system is far more sophisticated than a traditional solar system and greater care must be taken in its sizing, design, installation and ongoing care.

Carbo Solar is a Accredited Dealer who can step you through the various options and design a solar storage system to suit your household’s requirements.  They will review your electricity usage throughout the year to account for highs and lows, peak and off peak, and future requirements.  During the consultation they will look for opportunities to reduce energy waste, thereby optimising your investment and by using a sizing tool clearly show you how much you can expect to save over a 15 year period.




Ensuring the right fit

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Carbo Solar Accredited Dealer will visit your home to understand your needs and assess the factors impacting the size and type of system that’s right for you.  During the consultation they will discuss the options available to you, utilise a sizing tool to outline the expected financial benefits, and provide a detailed quotation and recommendation that takes into account your needs and budget.




Customer Satisfaction

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At Carbo Solar we understand a solid reputation is imperative for our business.  Carbo Solar has been selected for their professionalism, commitment to outstanding customer service and continuous improvement.  Carbo Solar is well trained and possess leading industry accreditations.  This means when installing a Carbo Solar storage system you receive first rate customer service, the right advice, and ongoing support to keep your solar storage system operating for years to come.




Quality Installation


When you choose a Carbo Solar system, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality solar storage system installation.  A Carbo Solar Dealer will organise a mutually suitable time to professionally install your system.  They will commission the system to ensure it’s configured to optimise the use of your solar power and maximise your savings.  They will set-up your system’s monitoring and show you how to interpret the data.





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Carbo Solar Accredited in installation,design and battery storage systems are solar storage installation professionals with experience, know-how and product knowledge you won’t find with traditional solar installation companies.



Expert Advice



Every home uses energy differently.  Carbo Solar is trained to properly assess your circumstances and through a consultative process identify the best solution for your needs that makes financial sense.




Service & Maintenance

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Carbo Solar systems are designed to minimise maintenance and with on-line monitoring your system’s health can be easily tracked. Only Carbo Solar has the experience and expertise to fully maintain your solar storage system.