Solar Systems

Solar Systems are suitable for a wide array of situations and scenarios.

Solar for Residential

Solar for residential premises is becoming more and more common with the development of new technology.

There are two main types of solar for residential installations. The first and most common system connects your solar panel installation with the main electricity grid. This Grid Connect system allows you to feed energy back into the grid through your meter, and be financially rewarded for it by your energy company.

Solar For Commercial Premises

Solar for Commercial premises is becoming a viable option for businesses.

With larger surface areas to place solar panels, Solar for Commercial premises becomes a viable method of slashing costs. Regardless of the nature of your business solar panels can make a difference to your bottom line.

Carbo Solar is an Adelaide based designer, supplier and installer of both grid connect and stand-alone power systems. Your solar system will be installed by QUALIFIED and fully licensed electrical tradesmen. Solar Panel Accredited Design & Installation Lic: A9764309. Electrical Contractors Lic: PGE230918.